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I don’t call myself a marketing guru, a ninja, or any fancy jargon of that nature. I’m a strategist. I’m curious. I like testing things. I love the trackable and metrics driven nature of online marketing; And… I like selling. I started my first business when I was 18 repackaging perfumes into smaller travel and sample sizes. My eCommerce site was averaging 100 orders a week. I did branding, marketing, packaging, labeling, post office trips, etc. You name it, I did it. It was a one person operation that lasted 2 years until I gave up the full-time business to focus on my studies. I knew marketing was where I wanted to be, so I pursued my bachelor’s degree in marketing at Baruch College.

I got my first real full time job out of college as an email marketing manager for an ad firm. I had my foot through the door, and I was ready to pry it wide open. Thirsty for knowledge and hands-on experience, I started various ventures throughout the years. These included ColorMeGorgeous, an online beauty community with product reviews, InvisalignFacts, a community site about Invisalign featuring reviews and a member community, and even launched my own bracelet line (eyeva designs). None of these ventures were something to retire on, but it did help me gain a tremendous amount of experience within the marketing space.

Since then, I have served as a consultant for many companies. My passion for helping brands grow led me to do everything from brand strategy, data analysis, customer acquisition, social media, and CRM/retention to SEO. In 2010, I launched my marketing consulting firm Pink Owl Media to be more official, so to speak.

That same year, I came onboard as a marketing director for an exciting startup called Totsy, a flash sales site focused on the moms segment. Everyone needs to work in a startup at one point in their lives. There’s something so exciting about joining a business in the early stages and watching it grow and go through its various hiccups. You learn a lot and you learn it fast. Since then I’ve been onboard and consulted for several startups, helping to grow a brand from the ground up. Some of these included fashion marketplace called TheCoolsMommyCoach, a one-to-one video coaching platform where moms can connect with various types of experts in the parenting space, Hickies, a patented elastic shoe lace replacement (super cool!), Supplet, a monthly subscription box for expecting mothers, Kindermint, an eCommerce site that lets you buy and sell gently used babies and kids clothing (acquired by ThredUP), and many others.

Wanting some experience in the traditional marketing space, I joined FlatRate Moving, a global moving and storage company where I oversaw all marketing for the brand in all of its locations globally. Coming from a digitally-focused background, it was certainly interesting to get into a lot of traditional marketing including TV, Radio, Print, as well as the more familiar digital channels. In 2015, I joined global brand Danone, who owns popular US brands like Dannon, Evian, Stonyfield and several others. I joined to fuel growth and acquisition for startup for the brand, a brand new business model unlike its typical CPG portfolio. Nutrimom, a subscription-based model targeting women from pregnancy till their baby is 2 that offers stage-based nutrition products along with expert coaching services. It’s an incredible offering that truly has the potential to impact the health of the next generation.

My goal is to keep learning so that I can apply my experience to help companies grow and prosper. I am continuously learning, as there is no room for complacency in this industry. The marketing industry is an ever-changing and evolving landscape and it is imperative to keep your brand up-to-date with consumer and market trends. As a result, I absorb any bits of content and news that I can get my hands on each and every day. Whether taking online classes at Udemy or General Assembly, or reading my favorite industry leader’s blogs, I strive to always be ahead of the curve. There is no other option.

As for my personal life, I’m obsessed with efficiency and creating a streamlined life. I love challenging myself on how much I can do in a shorter time span (I have huge adoration for Tim Ferriss). But its not just about how much I can do…it’s just as much about what results I can achieve. I have this mentality with all aspects of my life. I believe in working smart and to do that I meditate daily to create space in my head and cultivate the ability to be fully present in each moment. I am a bit of a fitness addict, working out several times a week to maintain high energy levels. I love strength training and bootcamp, yoga and running. If it involves motion, count me in! Of course I love active traveling, reading, and the beach. Besides that, I love FOOD. It took a lot of resistance having food last here, as it would probably give off the wrong impression if I put that as my priority before all else (even though in most cases, it is). I love talking about food, I love eating food, I love making food. Oftentimes I’m already planning my next meal when I’m in the middle of a current one. I work out as much as I do just so I can eat the darn food I want! Ok, I think you get the point now. I’m hungry. Most importantly, I love what I do and I do what I love each and every day.

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